About Us

Emma and I have been together for 22 years (I know, how do we look so young?). Before we had the children we travelled far and wide and vowed not to let having children stop this. 

We definately thought they would cramp our style but having them onboard makes it even more of an adventure. The emphasis certainly shifts from cocktails by the pool to ...are there pampers in the shops? But we wouldn't change a thing.

We are not non stop travellers like some inspirational families out there. We simply go on extended adventurous holidays. 

So many people have asked for ideas, tips and advice we thought we would put it in one place. Likewise if you have any tips for any of our up and coming journeys, let us know.


  • Standard man, love cars, football and enjoy a drink with my pals. I would love to buy my dream car but unfortunately all our money goes on holidays and adventures!

  • I met Emma when we worked as lifeguards 22 years ago (God help me)

  • I'm the tidy organised one. I hold the passports etc.

  • I'm now the official drone pilot; very new to this, thankfully yet to have an accident!

  • I am a qualified teacher and Lead Early Years practice for Lancashire

  • I own 2 Forest School Nurseries

  • I love the outdoors and am happiest walking in the woods or swimming in the sea

  • I'm the photographer of the team so am rarely on a pic, which is good news because I am the least photographic person I know

  • My bucketlist is more of a bucket novel!

Harry 10 years old
  • I love playing football and am the captain of my local team!

  • I'm super careful, my family call me Mr Health and Safety

  • Iv'e just been chosen as Head Boy at my school.

  • My favorite thing when traveling is jumping into the sea.

  • I hate trying new foods, unless they are chocolate and sweets of course!

Daisy 4 years old
  • I am the craziest yet cutest member of the team

  • I am in charge of everybody and everything

  • I am queen of tantrums and always end up getting what I want

  • I love fashion, particulary if its pink!