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Our Top 5 in Slovenia

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

Slovenia is a perfect destination for families with children of all ages. Check out what we enjoyed the most!

Jump into what Slovenia has to offer!

We travelled from Croatia across the border and were literally blown away by the stunning landscape. It is genuinely like a scene from the film Heidi!

“Why is there no people in this country?” Daisy

It's clean, green and lush. You can drive miles without seeing anyone. The beer is cheap (happy Ben), and the cakes are to die for (happy Emma).

GWF's Top 5

1. Ljubliana

It is relaxed, vibrant and easy to see in a day.

We visited the bridges, the market then hopped on a boat. They are touting them on the bridges. No need to book, but if you want to get on the front of the boat be prepared to wait for the next boat.

The castle is well worth a visit to learn about the dragons of Slovenia. We caught the funicular train up and back again. We went reasonably early so there was no queue even in mid July (this is not always the case though).

We spent the rest of the day wandering around the old lanes, eating ice creams and people spotting.

This can easily be done is a day!


Bled Summer Tobbogan

Hanging out.

We came in the evening at about 4pm. So glad we did. There were no queues at all!

We loved riding up in the cable car. The views were amazing. The ride down was a bit hair raising. It's super fast, particularly when the child on your knee (Daisy) won't let you break as she wanted it at full speed. There is also loads of other stuff to do there and a great little cafe for panninis and of course we had to sample the Slovenian wine while the kids were happily playing.

No.3 Canyoning in Triglav National Park

We went with 3Glav Adventures. So glad we chose them. They were experienced, great with Harry and good fun. The canyoning in slovenia is 'the real deal', not for the feint at heart so don't consider this if you are expecting a wander in the National Park. It involved jumping from 6m into deep canyons, sliding and abseiling. It was Harry's favorite day by far!

No. 4 Ebikes to Vintgar Gorge

My favourite day was our cycle to Vintgar Gorge. Ebikes make it a doddle, especially if you have kids on the back! It was only a couple of KM away and the scenery was stunning. The actual gorge itself is breathtaking. Definately not to be missed!

Go early, it was heaving by the time we left at 10:30am

No.5 Ljubica Stud Farm

Although this is absolutely not for everyone it was on my bucket list and Daisy and I were in heaven. Harry even gave it an 8/10. We went on the tour first then watched the Lippizaners in action. We arrived at about 1:45pm which was perfect for the 2pm tour, then the 3 pm show. Definitely stay till 5pm if you can as the mares and foals come in from the fields and come right through the farm in a huge herd. We were gutted to miss this, we could see it from the cafe (drinking wine!) but didnt have time to run to see them.

My heaven!

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